11 April, 2021

A River Less Gung-Ho

The much-sullied Ganga receives fresh funds and attention

A River Less Gung-Ho

Can A $1 Billion WB Loan + Rs 11,500 Crore Stop All This?

1. Illegal Mining

Example: Haridwar In and around the town, boulders abutting the river are being removed for construction, causing damage to the river's banks and bed. Tractors and trucks often just drive through the bed in the dry season.

2. Climate Change

Example: Devprayag The melting of the Gangotri glacier, the source of the Ganga, has accelerated. This could impact water flow in the river in dry seasons, specially in Devprayag where around 30 per cent of the water flow is from melted snow and glacier. One controversial estimate says the glacier may disappear by 2035.

3. Ill-Planned Dams

Example: Downstream Uttarkashi Over 600 dams are either operational, under...

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