06 May, 2021

A Rite Of Wrongs

The campaign against Bohra female circumcision swells

Amit Haralkar
A Rite Of Wrongs

A long-standing tradition but one that was rarely, if ever, discussed in public, FGM or female genital mutilation of Dawoodi Bohra girls in India and abroad is now a matter of public debate. This comes a week after Outlook published an article (The Yin, Wounded, Dec 5) on a campaign launched to ban this clandestine practice amongst the Bohra community and interviewed women who had been subjected to it at the tender age of seven. While its proponents think it has religious and cultural sanction, those opposing it argue that it does not even find a mention in the Quran. This is besides the fact that it is extremely painful and is mainly an attempt to suppress the sexual desires of a woman to ensure that she remains loyal to her husband.

Several people signed up to the online petition asking Bohra high priest Mohammed Burhanuddin to have the practice stopped by issuing a fatwa against it. The signatories include Bohras too, which is despite the fact that...

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