01 August, 2021

A Reachable Boy

Can RG’s yuva choice Lalitesh Tripathi make it a double, win LS poll?

A Reachable Boy

Young And Restless

  • Congress candidate Lalitesh Tripathi, one of RG’s “yuva faces”, was one of the few to win in 2012 UP assembly polls
  • Rewarded with LS candidature, hopes his “responsive governance” moves in the past two years will work for him
  • Mirzapur is one of the most backward regions in the country; Apna Dal, SP candidates are strong here


It’s ‘organic utopia’ for the greenies—the family-patented ‘single malt’ cow’s milk that makes snowy butter and velvety cream cheese; the desi ghee and Dijon mustard that raises the free-range hen’s double egg omelette to easy rhapsody; the glass of iced lemongrass infusion and a whiff of basil oil lifts the delirium from the heat; even the chicken shit and cow dung boosts natural composting. The stunning surprise is the farm is not in Napa Valley but in the hell-hole of Mirzapur district, a vast, dry, poor countryside in eastern Uttar...

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