02 March, 2021

A Rainbow Inside

By mapping the human body's energy fields, researchers are unravelling new ways to find and fight disease

A Rainbow Inside
Bathed in white, a tripod-mounted, computer-linked video-camera in the middle, the corner room at Pune's World Peace Centre could pass off for a photo studio. Except that being here isn't about looking good on the outside, but about feeling better within. That's why thousands like Mahesh Doshi, 38, have faced this camera without make-up or put-on smile. To make sense of it all, peek at the monitor. On display is Doshi's picture, raided by a psychedelic sweep of colours. For the greenhorn, this would mean a camera gone awry. But in those green streaks and red daubs, experts at the Centre for Biofield Sciences (CBS) see physiological stories.

Like all of us, Doshi's body is suffused by an energy field, say CBS experts. Made of light and sound emanating from the body's centre, this biofield (call it aura, halo or corona) extends well beyond the skin and forms a protective sheath. Stress —spiritual, psychological or physical—distorts this sheath, causing health problems. "A diseased human body emits imbalanced signals...," explains Dr Thornton Streeter, founder-CEO of CBS...

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