17 June, 2021

A Question Of TheHeir & Now

Rahul has won Battle '09 for Congress. But will he carry on the war?

Magnum/Marilyn Silverstone
A Question Of TheHeir & Now


"It is undemocratic that the Congress is still led by a Gandhi. But it’s the reality.... My position gives me certain privileges. It is a fact of life in India that success in politics depends on who you know or are related to. I want to change the system."


"I will continue to work for the youth unless I am forced by the prime minister and my boss (Congress president), which they can do. But personally, I prefer to work for the youth."


"Poor people are the people who will make India great. India's powerhouse is not in the cities, not in the metros. It lies in the villages."


"On a lot of concepts, we agree with the Left, like education and health. There is a lot of meeting ground with the Left. There is absolutely no meeting ground with BJP."


"If anyone...

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