04 August, 2021

A Pyrrhic Victory

A bilateral solution seems distant. The US, wielding a stick over both nations, is the real winner.

A Pyrrhic Victory
It is a great diplomatic victory. For the first time there has been such clear-cut endorsement of the world on Kashmir,' says a senior government official deeply involved in the diplomatic exercise, referring to the international isolation of Pakistan on Kargil. 'The world has held Pakistan responsible for this violence and the threat to peace. It is coming to an important shift, now that the real problem is Pakistan and not Kashmir. The nature of the Pakistani state, the terror machine there is the source of the problem,' he adds.

'I think we have won from every point of view. We have managed to throw the Pakistanis out, and we have overwhelming international support for our position,' says senior bjp leader K.R. Malkani.

Former prime minister Chandra Shekhar rubbishes this. He does not buy this 'facile' argument. 'India has constantly and consistently opposed any third party intervention: now that has happened. So how can we call it a diplomatic or any other kind of victory?' he asks. 'In fact, it is no one's victory. It is a defeat for the entire subcontinent,...

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