02 August, 2021

A Proxy War Of Words

The sangh parivar gets a new spokesbody

A Proxy War Of Words

EVEN as prime minister Atal Behari Vajpayee prepared for his much-awaited bus journey to Lahore last week, his mentor-the rss-had a very specific piece of advice to offer: soft-talking and merely going to Pakistan will not serve any purpose. Rather, try and address the real issues. This counsel came from the Bharatiya Yuva Kranti Dal (bykd), an organisation backed by the Sangh parivar.

The bykd has been deployed to drive the point home because the rss-concerned about its ever-growing anti-Vajpayee image and sensing an overwhelming public opinion in favour of better relationships with Pakistan-does not want to play spoilsport. Instead, the bykd has been deputed to do the dirty job of reminding the prime minister that, after all, Pakistan is a hostile country.

The organisation has no direct links with the rss per se, but since some of the vhp people are behind its formation, it naturally comes within the purview of the Sangh parivar. Interestingly, Anil Mahipal Singh, the young bykd president, happily relates that he was once arrested for holding a black flag demonstration...

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