22 June, 2021

A Prophet Of Rational Thinking Continues His Long Crusade

A Prophet Of Rational Thinking Continues His Long Crusade
It's the eclectic nature of the audience that catches the eye as you step into the classroom. Fidgety teenagers sit alongside poised pensioners, four girls sit discussing Indian cricket in hushed tones, darting glances at the clock and at the open door. It's 6 pm, Wednesday, and they are waiting for an illustrious man to keep his appointment at a college in Bangalore (South). A schedule assiduously maintained every Wednesday over the last 36 years. Bangalore's infamous power cuts, irrational downpours, unforeseen strikes, come what may: he's always there to introduce the latest developments in science to questing minds. In his trademark Gandhi cap, khadi kurta and dhoti, Dr H. Narasimhaiah popularises science and tries to foster a scientific temper through The Bangalore Science Forum, which he founded in 1962. Every week, he ushers in an expert in subjects ranging from agriculture to aeronautics, cosmology to information technology, nuclear physics and weather forecasting. The tally of interactive sessions he has chaired so far: 1,595.

Occasionally, the hall at the...

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