16 May, 2021

A Pragmatic Watchdog

Pakistan no longer seems to overshadow US relations with India

A Pragmatic Watchdog

IF India and Pakistan do not review their bilateral attitudes, they will sink deeper into the morass of military rivalry, says a Republican legislator who does not want to be identified. "The growing financial cost of the seemingly interminable animosity between India and Pakistan will further weaken their ability to tackle glaring social and economic problems that should be an embarrassment after 50 years of Independence."

 The legislator adds that Pakistan's "boastful announcement" of its testing of the Ghauri missile is not helpful to the cause of peace. Nor was it helpful that Indian Prime Minister Vajpayee said his new government intended to exercise the nuclear option. "That declaration provoked Islamabad into conducting the test, despite attempts at dissuasion by the US. The danger of a destabilising build-up of missiles hangs over the region."

 Michael Krepon, who heads the Henry L. Stimson Centre in Washington, calls it a "slow motion race between India and Pakistan. Both...

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