27 September, 2020

A Pastoral Elegy

Contrary to popular belief, indigenous breeds are a sturdier option than disease-prone crossbreds

A Pastoral Elegy
Raising Them At Home
  • Goat: The hardy black Attapady, dubbed the "poor man’s cow"
  • Sheep: The ginger Garole, with its propensity for breeding twins
  • Horse: The sickle-eared Marwari horse, coveted abroad for its show-jumping and endurance.
  • Cow: The Ongole breed, the model for numerous carved Nandi bulls, and the Kankrej, familiar to us as the cow on the Harappan seals from the Indus Valley, the Amrit Mahals, used by Tipu Sultan’s army to pull their gun carriage
  • Buffalo: The massive Jaffrabadi buffalo, whose trumpet-like horns keep lions at bay
  • Dog: The regal white Rajapalayam, the Indian Great Dane, and Kombai, the Indian bear hound, who bit at the hamstrings of horses of the British cavalry in the Poligar Wars


There are a few sights that Dr Asimabha Batobyal, a scientist with the central government’s animal husbandry department, will never forget in his...


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