15 June, 2021

A Pardon in Proxy

Rising sympathy for Cronje may let bookie Chawla off the hook

A Pardon in Proxy
So then Indian bookie Sanjiv Chawla was arrested, was he? And the infamous Cronjegate is beginning to open, is it? Wrong guess. If anything, the fact is that Scotland Yard has not acted on the Delhi Police case against Chawla. Worse, it doesn't seem it will either.

By the way the match-fixing proceedings are going—or not going—it would seem that although Chawla had a big hand in getting former South African skipper Hansie Cronje into trouble, now it is Cronje who unwittingly might come to Chawla's rescue. For, to proceed against Chawla is to also launch action against Cronje, or 'one of their own'—and the police here seem quite reluctant about it.

The logic is: Cronje had made a Christian confession, admitting to the King Commission of his role in match-fixing. Now leave Cronje to God and the South Africans. No more tests for him.

Suddenly, the Delhi Police is out of the picture, never mind that it was their painstaking investigation which brought the sordid story of match-fixing into the open. After an investigation that was almost too good for the...

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