13 April, 2021

A New Mantra Online

Filmstars, cricketers, CEOs and jailbirds are raving about this new-age guru

A New Mantra Online

It has always been the land of spiritual dreams. But now it’s mostly nightmares that are available here. Home to seers and saints, India, once a rich repository of mystical knowledge and experience, has been transformed into an assembly-line producing godmen by the dozen.

Therefore, separating the grain from the chaff-the real guru from a bevy of charlatans crowding the spiritual landscape-is a daunting charge to say the least. Poonam Malhotra, director of Full Circle, a publishing house and bookstore in New Delhi specialising in spiritual tomes, has her finger on the pulse when she says: "The fact that there are so many seers now means there is a real need. And as in anything else there are frauds as well as genuine ones. But Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is in a different league. I met him over a year ago and was instantly drawn to his message of love and simplicity."

Malhotra is one of the many who have been influenced. Shankar is a big draw, attracting people from over 90 countries. Over 3,600 centres propagating his message have come up all over the world...

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