12 May, 2021

A Nagpur Doctor Starts A Movement For A Healthier India

From handing out Sorbitrate lockets to a fitness movement, Dr Jichkar's driving force is a desire to teach people "to live for a 100 years".

A Nagpur Doctor Starts A Movement For A Healthier India
His pocket is full of white heart-shaped lockets. Snap one open, and there, resting like a pearl in an oyster, is a white Sorbitrate tablet. Dr Shrikant Jichkar takes great pleasure in distributing these lockets by the fistful while travelling in trains, buses or planes. People thought it a zany idea but accepted one with an indulgent smile. Until one day a recipient, who thought he had no use for it, saw a crowd gathered by a roadside in Hyderabad. Discovering them to have collected round a patient suffering a cardiac arrest, he broke open his white locket and saved the life of a complete stranger.

The idea caught on, and Dr Jichkar received a request for one lakh lockets from a do-gooder in Hyderabad. 'Find a craftsman in your town and have the lockets cast yourself,' the person was told. 'It's the idea that's important. I have no patent on these lockets. I was told about this means of saving lives by my friend Dr Hemant Joshi of Mumbai. I just happened to be in a better position to execute the idea,' said Dr Jichkar. This idea of his is galloping across the country,...

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