17 June, 2021

A Monk's Mega Mystique

The Tibet question is alive because of one man's charisma. From 'Larry King Live' to 'Newsweek' and 'Time' to Hollywood stars, the Global Village walks the Dalai Lama's Middle Path.

A Monk's Mega Mystique

WITH Mother Teresa gone, who else? Nelson Mandela, the only other contender, had too many fights with his wife....the world needs a hero for this age. An extraordinary man who is the symbol of spirituality, peace and compassion in these violent, meaningless times. The Dalai Lama is our only hope," says 32-year-old Cathy Osborne earnestly. Many oceans away from her family in Sweden's Malmo, Cathy feels "fulfilled" in Dharamsala. "It's like being close to God." No friends of Cathy's, Toru Sakai and Akane Terami from Tokyo fumble for words to express a similar devotion. Here to study Tibetan Buddhism, young Sakai says: "He's great and godly." Fresh Buddhist convert, 27-year-old Liz Biema from America's Long Island looks up from her notepad. Tugging at a blonde curl, she sighs: "I'm learning the Tibetan language. I've been here for six months to see HIM. But every time there's a public appearance I just can't muster the courage...it's like a date with God!"

Yes, it's a story about a monk's love...

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