16 May, 2021

A Martyr's Role

Jaya shifts the focus to win public sympathy points

G. Sivaperumal
A Martyr's Role
Will the rejection of Jayalalitha's nomination papers by the returning officers in four constituencies generate a sympathy wave for her in the forthcoming elections? Predictably, the response is divided on political lines. But all agree that despite being technically out of the race, Jaya still remains the biggest roadblock for the dmk and its allies in the assembly polls.

As of now, Jayalalitha is in a hyper mode as she summons all the theatrics at her command to generate public sympathy. The chief burden of her speeches is that she's a woman wronged and that Karunanidhi had threatened the returning officers with dire consequences if her papers weren't rejected.

The dmk leadership, which is also combating dissent within its ranks and the impact of the mdmk walking out of the alliance, realises it has to strike a fine balance between personal attacks and criticism of the aiadmk as a party of corrupt leaders. Its leaders have been deliberately muted in their criticism of Jayalalitha. Any direct and personal attack, they feel, could boomerang so they've been toeing the...

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