22 January, 2021

A Man Of His World

Our prime minister is a one-man show. How has his governance fared in 2015?

A Man Of His World
  • None in this country has quite the same self-awareness and sense of mission, epitomised in the way he speaks of himself in the third person.
  • He thinks he has a providential mission to fulfil.
  • His identification with his country is so intense that he sees himself and the country as one.
  • A stable regime is to be established by an extraordinary mixture of vision, stubbornness, chutzpah, political acumen and bluff.
  • The country’s pride in itself, its intr­ansigence, its historical and cultural heritage...alongside its charm, diplomatic skill and humanism: these traits and contradictions are all to be found in the man whose personalisation of patriotism can border on the irrational.
  • He is profoundly attached to traditional values...but he is also a prophet of modernisation.
  • He expounds grand principles and likes to appear as a leader set on a single, unwavering course.... A ruthless, calculating politician, he is a complete realist in all things,...


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