29 September, 2020

A Loose Argument Of Statues With Big Egos

Hemmed in by the neo-federalist ambitions of state satraps and Modi’s hocus pocus, will the Idea of India implode?

Mayur Bhatt
A Loose Argument Of Statues With Big Egos

It so happened that I was in Ahmedabad and met with a foreign correspondent who had come to cover the impact of Narendra Modi’s leadership on vibrant Gujarat. He had visited rural areas and had been to the Kutch region. After exchanging notes, as journalists do, he asked me if I knew a doctor who was an “eye and ear specialist”. Puzzled by the question, I asked him whether he meant an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist, as he appeared to be tormented by cold and cough. He said, no, he was looking for an eye and ear specialist. I said I don’t think there is such a specialist anywhere. But why this odd search at all?

He paused a little and with a snigger on his face said, “Well, I have been hearing a lot about the great development that has taken place in Gujarat, but I can hardly see any impact in the rural areas of the state. So it’s obvious that my eyes can’t see what I hear so loudly. Then it must be a str­a­nge ailment of eye and ear dis­equili­brium. Or else I would have both seen and heard the vibrations...



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