24 July, 2021

A Long-Arm Swing

It’s not clear on what basis the SC is going after BCCI

Illustration by Saahil
A Long-Arm Swing

Over the last three years, the cricket fan in me watched the BCCI’s fate unravel in the Supreme Court with feelings ranging from glee to schadenfreude. At some point, the lawyer in me took over and my feelings have moved from a faint sense of foreboding to full-blown horror. What started as a judicial cuff for the BCCI’s petulant refusal to abide by a perfectly legal and commonsensical order of the Bombay High Court (who can possibly disagree with the principle that “no one can be a judge in one’s own cause”?) has now turned into a ghastly spectacle—the BCCI now looks all set to be broken up and restructured in the name of “reform”.

It’s hazardous to predict the outcome of a case only on the basis of judges’ observations made during hearings, but the imp­ression one forms is of a bench that has already made up its mind. The Lodha committee report has become gospel truth, which the SC, with all the zeal of a new convert, is trying to ram down the throat of the BCCI. In all probability, we will witness a...

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