04 December, 2020

A Lion Defanged By Hyenas

Ripudaman Singh of Nabha had the spine to stand up to the British, paid for this in kind and garnered wide support. This is his most detailed biography.

A Lion Defanged By Hyenas

History has a way of sprinkling stardust on people who rise up in grace. In this book it gets showered on Ripudaman Singh, who took over the pagri of his deceased father when the latter passed away in Mumbai in 1912. Thus, Ripudaman Singh became the Mahar­aja of Nabha, in Punjab, and came to rule over an area of some 25,022 km, about the area of the present cities of Delhi and Bangalore combined. Grewal and Banga, both established historians of Punjab, tell the story of the rise and fall of this royal, adding a lot of unk­nown historical detail.

Some of the maharajas of India came into existence when the British East India Company appointed local warlords as its subcontractors. All that the new government of India asked from them was to maintain peace and quiet in their territories and give military help as and when it was needed by the garrison state that the British had created in India. In return, the British kept them happy with baubles and the ‘honour’ of being part of the largest empire in the world. Anyone who did not walk that thin line drawn...



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