27 July, 2021

A Letter To My Daughters

Feminism is definitely intersectional. Sometimes you need to move very slowly, sometimes quickly—and temper anger with clear-sightedness.

Illustration by Sajith Kumar
A Letter To My Daughters

Be ready to lose. You will lose battles. You will lose friends. You will lose yourself at times. Sometimes the humiliation of loss is a necessary rock bottom. Allow yourself to crash. Don’t clutch at straws, let go. Standing up for justice is hard. More often than not, it is a long drawn-out process. It is certainly harder than passing lazy, immediate judgments based on your own biases. It can seem like a dead-end. Start anew, start again.

“You have no idea how hard it’s to be a young feminist,” a woman fresh out of college said to me rece­ntly. “Why,” I asked her, ignoring the hint that I was neit­her young nor a feminist. “People judge you so much,” she said. “They label you, attribute motives without kno­wing a thing about you,” That’s why we need feminism in the first place, I thought to myself.

Feminism isn’t a shortcut to solutions. It is a path with much diversity to offer. There will be milestones in self-awareness. There will be pauses for apologies and reconciliation. There...

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