19 October, 2020

A Kama Chakkar

In the Great Indian Tea Ceremony, you might see something very strange going on under the ghoonghat across the table, but must never say anything in public

A Kama Chakkar

A stern critic recently took me to task for what she saw as an improbability in a story I wrote. This tale, called Kama, features a middle-aged Gujarati couple who live a life of utmost suburban respectability in north Mumbai. But the husband and wife, Chetanbhai and Ashaben, are swingers. Which is to say that they advertise—in the kind of magazine which is sold with its pages stapled together—for "like-minded singles/couples", and having found these sympathetic souls, they proceed to meet them in a flat in Colaba for what they describe as "sweet surprises, tender By thrills". My critic took severe exception to the supposition that such people could exist, do exist. She huffed: "It seemed improbable that a respectable Cutchi middle-class couple would ever get involved in such shenanigans." Reading carefully, and tamping down autho-rial defensiveness as much as I can, it seems to me that my critic is not arguing that these characters are flat, or unconvincingly portrayed. No, she is making a much more general statement...



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