30 July, 2021

A Jungle On Your Bookshelf

Let your kid spend the summer in the lap of nature

A Jungle On Your Bookshelf
Once upon a time last year, there was that Bungle in the Jungle when all the Sher Khans in Sariska's forests went missing. About the same time, everybody was worrying about The Last Swoop, when our jatayus or vultures were vanishing from the skies. Now, it appears that The Huge Hullabaloo about Green India has inspired a slew of eco-stories for kids about our trees, beasties, birdies and even creepy crawlies. And its motley crew of authors—wildlife scientists, filmmakers and eco-lovers—are taking up pens for the first time to write nature-books for young readers.

A bit like the monkey and crocodile stories from the Panchatantra and the Jataka Tales, today's greenbooks, written with a modern twist of wildlife biology, are filled with curious creatures and habitats. A robber crab on the Andaman Islands, an endangered great pied hornbill in the Northeast and a diligent dung beetle couple who thrive on sh**cakes in India.

This collection of critters has young readers delighted by their tailspin. "I never knew how far or how fast turtles could...

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