21 June, 2021

A Half Show

Protest there is but also concern for diaspora interest

A Half Show
When Narendra Modi starts talking of Mahatma Gandhi, apostle of non-violence, he has to be in some trouble. At a Swabhiman (self-respect) rally in Ahmedabad after he was denied a visa to enter the US, he thundered: "The US administration should remember that it was a frail Mohandas who was thrown out of a train in South Africa. But this man later threw out the British from India. America is scared of Gujarat, of a gas pipeline from Iran to India that will run through Gujarat. The day is not far when Americans will clamour for a visa to Gujarat. Don't underestimate the Gujarati."

But the Americans clearly did not estimate this particular Gujarati very highly and stuck to their decision to refuse him entry to their country. The fact that Modi still has a visa for the UK is being presented as a face-saver. (He will visit the UK on March 26 to attend the Gujarat Day celebrations organised by the Asian Music circuit). But the British government will stick to its stand of having no government or protocol contact with Modi. Clearly, the man continues to be persona non grata for many...

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