25 June, 2021

‘A Govt-In-Exile By Year-End’

Paresh Barua, the self-styled 'commander-in-chief' of the outlawed ULFA on how all "anti-India groups" will form a government-in-exile.

‘A Govt-In-Exile By Year-End’

For over quarter of a century Paresh Barua has eluded the Indian army and the police. A key player in the birth of the UNLFWSEA and the recent offensive aga­inst the Indian army, the  self-styled ‘commander-in-chief’ of the outlawed ULFA enjoys a close rapport with NSCN(K) chairman S.S. Kha­plang. He told  Raj­eev Bhattacharya in a telephone conversat­ion on May 6 that all “anti-India groups” would get together to form a governm­ent-in-exile. Excerpts from the conversation:

When I met you in Myanmar in 2011 you said that a joint forum would be formed soon. But it has clearly taken much longer.

Indian intelligence agencies came to know about what we were planning. We have been able to identify the people and agencies working against us. It took time and effort.  

What purpose will this joint forum serve?

You saw our statement, the United Nati­onal Liberation Front of Western South East...

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