17 June, 2021

A Gandhimayy Man

The Gandhi cast talk about their favourite moments with the director

A Gandhimayy Man

Alyque Padamsee, played, Mohammed Ali Jinnah

He was very underrated as a filmmaker. Gandhi is one of the best films of the last 50 years. Wherever I have travelled, I have heard this from hundreds of people—that they have seen this film three times, five times. It was a very well-made film with an exc­ellent script about an amazing man. When he announced that he was making this film, critics jumped on him asking why a British man was making a film about Mahatma Gandhi. But he proved all the critics wrong. It’s a film that stands the test of time, like Gone With The Wind. It took him 20 years to get funding for the film. He too was originally from a theatre background and he taught me the difference between film and theatre. In theatre, voice is the most important thing but in films you don’t have to be loud....

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