17 June, 2021

A Flagon Of Inegalite

Indian culture, the toast currently in France, is served with Gallic business interests and arrogance

AFP (From Outlook, June 13, 2011)
A Flagon Of Inegalite

Speaking in French

  • France focuses only on aviation, nuclear energy, luxury goods, all to its own advantage. Ignores the rest.
  • Obstacles deliberately created to prevent Indian companies from entering the French market.
  • Random checks of containers and sudden changes in norms work as deterrents.
  • Indian IT companies targeted. France’s exports are less than even the Netherlands’.
  • Visa procedures not to the liking of Indians.


As you enter the sixth floor exhibition hall of Centre Pompidou, the architecturally bizarre contemporary art museum in downtown Paris, a large, well-sculpted Indian woman’s head greets you. Saunter around, and you stumble upon a typical Indian utensils shop, with pots and pans rising from the ground to the ceiling in columns; a sound-and-light show about the gay community in India; an aerial shot of Dharavi, Asia’s...

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