28 October, 2020

A Fistful Of Soil

Iraqis are going back home in droves to fight for their country

A Fistful Of Soil
It’s Monday in downtown Amman. Knots of people are huddled around the bus on Mahata street. They are all Iraqis, throwing wistful glances at others or whispering words that can’t express their emotions. It’s time for the bus to leave; the perilous journey to hell is about to begin—to Baghdad, waiting to collapse under the onslaught of coalition troops.

Adnan Kamel, 30, steps out to wave to his four friends, then to 45 others on the bus. His eyes brim with tears: "They are going to fight along with our brethren in Iraq and I’ll follow in a matter of days." Kemal hails from Basra, still under siege. "The war is not only about bombing, tanks and artillery. Victory is not military victory, it also means victory of principles. God willing, we’ll resist the Americans."

Among the passengers travelling to Baghdad is Sameer Adnan, 28. Deaf and mute, he had been teaching sign language to others similarly challenged. What persuaded him to take the trip to Baghdad was a missile attack on his neighbourhood. "I want to see my mother, father and my six-month-old son," says...



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