27 November, 2020

A Few Piloted Errors

A flying school-DGCA-airlines nexus clouds safety in our skies

A Few Piloted Errors

Fake Licence Raj

The pilot licence racket and how it operates

1 Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL): Issued by flying schools. To qualify for a CPL, a candidate needs to log in a minimum of 200 hours. Schools, however, issue licences just after 40-50 hours of flying for a consideration.

The CPL has to be verified by the DGCA. Currently, there is no audit of whether flying schools are sticking to norms.

2 Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL): A pre-requirement for a pilot to become a commander, you get it after clearing a written test conducted by the DGCA. Results can be tampered through touts/DGCA officials. Cost: Rs 5-12 lakh

3 Jobs in an airline: Middlemen are contacted through senior pilots. Cost of landing a job: Rs 12-25 lakh


So all hell might have broken loose after IndiGo pilot Parminder Kaur Gulati landed on the nose wheel of her plane at the...



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