24 November, 2020

A Dud Cuckoo Clock

The Left got some things right, but every old machine does that

Illustration by Sorit
A Dud Cuckoo Clock
The coming months will witness a flood of both pedestrian and scholarly analysis of the crisis of global capitalism triggered by the recklessness of the banking and financial sectors in the US. Some will concur with French president Nicolas Sarkozy that it is time to junk the US model of capitalism; the more cautious may endorse the plea of the British and Indian prime ministers that a global regulatory system is the need of the day; and there may still be others who feel that what is really needed is an ethical architecture that checks greed and uninhibited lifestyles.

In view of the triumphalist claim by the Left, particularly the CPI(M), that its stubborn resistance since May 2004 prevented India from going the way of the US, if not Iceland, Ukraine and Pakistan (all three seeking IMF bailouts), may I suggest another line of inquiry? It would be instructive to examine the impact of the present meltdown in the Amish communities of the US and Canada.

The Old Order Amish are a fascinating oddity. They shun electricity, the motor car...


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