29 July, 2021

A Drop Here, A Swig There

Imaginary sips for exquisite wines bleeding into each other. Then, the treacly gladness of a rummy concoction.

A Drop Here, A Swig There

India is the world’s largest consumer of whisky. We drink about 600 million litres of it in a year, almost twice as much as the United States. For this information, I am indebted to Bhaichand Patel, a connoisseur of wines and spirits and the author of this beautifully produced and illustrated (and resaonably priced) book on cocktails.

I know I shall never be able to afford most of the wines, spirits and liquors that go into the creation of these exotic drinks—over 600 of them—but that doesn’t stop my mouth from watering as I gaze upon the evocative pictures of dragon fires, mississippi mules, between the sheets, kangaroo cocktails, kiss and tell—names conjured up by poetic bartenders such as Mr Patel, all redolent of happy hours spent on sunny balconies overlooking wide stretches of beach, or by the fireside in a dimly-lit, softly-cushioned room. The London School of Economics never produced a worthier graduate than barrister-bartender Bhaichand Patel. I have never been to one of his parties, but...

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