05 August, 2021

A Doctored Case

The apex court joins in the myopia that's keeping Dr Sen in jail

A Doctored Case

Doctor Or Naxalite?

  • The state alleges he's only a "namesake" doctor. The CMC, Vellore, of which he's an alumnus, gave him the Paul Harrison award for his work.
  • The police claim he was the courier for top Naxal leaders lodged in Raipur jail but never took action against jail authorities for failing to detect these alleged messages
  • A police press release called him an "absconder", though he called up the police on his own and courted arrest
  • Since he has been addressed as "Comrade" in letters to him from suspected Naxalites, it's taken as proof of his being a member of the banned CPI (Maoist).
  • Government also claims there is "incriminating evidence" on Dr Sen's computer but the Andhra Pradesh forensic lab report says no such thing


It couldn't have been more ironic. The Supreme Court chose, even though by accident, the date...

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