29 July, 2021

A Deyra Doon Man-Eater Next To My Pillow

Jungles bristling with danger—as seen by Nimrods, many from an age before Corbett, and nature-struck enthusiasts

A Deyra Doon Man-Eater Next To My Pillow

Although books have always been my companions, I am not especially excited at the prospect of possessing large coffee-table tomes. In my limited living space I do not have room for coffee tables, let alone books to decorate them. I am also one of those oddballs who likes to read in bed, and it is difficult taking a coffee-table book to bed. It is not easy trying to read a book larger than one’s pillow. Such books make good foot-rests, especially for those of us who are told to sleep with our feet up so as to improve our circulation. For this purpose you need two such books, one for each foot.

Of course, coffee-table books are not designed to be read; they are meant to be looked at because of their beautiful pictures. The text is usually irrelevant. The trouble is, this particular giant volume—Living Jewels from the Indian Jungle—is full of interesting stories and anecdotes taken from the archives of the Bombay Natural History Society, and I was determined to get into bed with it.

First I had to make...

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