11 May, 2021

A Dance Of Substance

Recruiters are back on terra firma, so pass-outs will have to prove employability

Illustration by Saahil
A Dance Of Substance

The hot season for business schools is nearing—this is the time when potential entrants are preparing for their entrance tests and shortlisting colleges to apply to. At the same time, it’s placement season for B-school grads, who are looking out with a combination of hope and trepidation. Last year had seen a high in the placement season, which completed a two-year journey of growth. This was offset by some companies later being unable to absorb those whome they had made offers to.

My article in the last Outlook B-school ranking edition suggested that the improved job market in the 2015-16 season was based on recruiters’ expectations of better economic conditions, rather than the reality of superior corporate results. Most companies were expecting to need more managers in a fut­ure which looked better, even though the present was not that great. Last year’s placement season relied on the...

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