27 October, 2020

A Cow-Wardly Turn

The Congress is a new convert to the ways of competitive Hindutva

Illustration by Sandeep Adhwaryu
A Cow-Wardly Turn

When the rest of the world is discussing war, GDP and jobs, in India we are talking about beef and cow, its urine and dung. If ever we needed proof that Hindutva is out of sync with reality, modernity and sanity, this is it. And if you thought Hindutva was the worst thing to happen to Indian politics, think again. Far worse is "competitive Hindutva" which is plunging it into the pits. Fishing for votes, politicians stoop to unimaginable depths. After all, this is India. "We are like this only."

The Hindutva brigade should give up their anti-conversion campaign. After all, they are the biggest beneficiaries of conversion. Not only have they converted the great Indian middle class to their way of thinking, they have even converted the venerable old Congress party! Converting friends and fence-sitters to their beliefs is credit enough, but converting historical foes is surely remarkable. Till now the BJP was the wannabe Congress. Now we have the Congress morphing into a BJP wannabe. Or maybe the Congress will cleverly swallow the BJP by adapting...



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