18 January, 2021

A Cordon Bleu Butter Chicken

Lured by food’s media valorisation, wannabe chefs are clogging the doors of culinary schools

Illustration by Sajith Kumar
A Cordon Bleu Butter Chicken

Biting into the fried, gooey batter of the doughnut shaped gulab jamun, the lighter-than-air pistachio cream enveloping the palate, as the tantalising mix of warm Old Monk rum and sugar syrup burns gently down the thr­oat, Walter Allwyn was well into the middle of Chef Thomas Zacharia’s culinary creation. If there ever was a place better than heaven, Allwyn was there, because he had not just eaten a world-renowned dish by a master of modern Indian cuisine, he had also helped him make it. This was not just a midsummer night’s dream. It was a four-month-long internship at Zacharia’s restaurant, Bombay Canteen.

So inspired is Allwyn by Zacharia’s innovative style that he plans to go back to learn all he can of Indian cuisine.

Meanwhile, further up north in Delhi, Shyam Sundar is preparing to intern with his mentor, Manish Mehrotra, at Indian Accent, the restaurant that has been the only Indian one to be featured on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants List. Captivated by Mehrotra’s understanding of local ingredients and cuisines, his...



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