05 August, 2021

‘A Climate Of Fear Isn’t Good For Relations With Australia’

The Indian foreign secretary on India-China, Bangladesh, Af-Pak, and of course Australia

Tribhuvan Tiwari
‘A Climate Of Fear Isn’t Good For Relations With Australia’

Nirupama Rao is the second Indian woman diplomat to hold the prestigious position of Indian foreign secretary. The personal touches to her spacious office are limited; she has chosen to channel her energies into formulating and articulating India’s foreign policy when the country’s rise has “caught  the imagination of the world”. Rao took time out from her busy schedule to speak to Pranay Sharma in what is her first major interview as foreign secretary. Excerpts:

The close cooperation between India and China at the Copenhagen summit has surprised many. Can we expect similar cooperation between the two sides on other issues?

India and China have similar perspectives on many global issues, so this need not come as a surprise. Through the joint effort, we were able to safeguard the interests of the developing world while addressing the challenges of climate change. That has established a very positive paradigm. Bilaterally also, our relations with China have grown in...

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