19 June, 2021

A Classic Botch-Up

RSS has got the better of BJP on J&K’s autonomy resolution

A Classic Botch-Up

It’s the best of times for the RSS and its votaries within the ruling BJP, as they indulge in a bout of back-patting. Reason: they have rejected outright the autonomy proposal passed by Jammu and Kashmir’s National Conference-led state assembly. And in so doing, not only has their government at the Centre put paid to Kashmiri aspirations, but has also sent the "right signals" to other states which clamour for autonomy-the Centre will not tolerate such demands beyond a point. Effectively, the BJP has exhibited its reluctance to take up the larger issue of re-negotiating India’s federal structure.

But what is being ignored in the process is how the Vajpayee regime has mismanaged the issue, with the PM too tying himself up in knots on various occasions. To not even agree to discuss the autonomy report in Parliament after piously declaring that the demands of the Kashmiri people-if they are within the bounds of the Constitution-be taken into account, has evoked widespread criticism and has left a section of the population in the Valley feeling...

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