20 October, 2020

A City Is its People

Capitalism runs amok, but Hyderabad retains its old, genteel values

A City Is its People

With one scam after another tumbling out of the closets of this once Nizamia city, it would seem to the outsider that there is a crook at every street corner in Hyderabad. A city where the general public has been mostly concerned with where to get a plateful of good biriyani or hot avakai rice with sound ghee has, in the last few years, been elevated to the status of a city infested with big time scamsters planning mega swindles.

To begin with, we as Hyderabadis are equally shocked by the mega scams perpetrated by the very people who we have run into at dinner parties in the city’s new megalith five-star hotels. Unlike angels who have their halos, these men didn’t have distinct caste marks. Instead, they came dressed in Hugo Boss suits and their watches were pure Rolex gold—so there was no way of knowing they were scam artists. Or else I at least would have asked them why they need to make more money than they can spend.

I wonder if the simple Telugu-speaking person (whose main focus in life thus far has been to crack the IIT entrance exam code...



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