04 December, 2020

A Bushy Tail: The Piltdown Horse

Wild guesses, fantasy as fact, outright fraud-that's the staple of revisionist 'Hindu' historians

A Bushy Tail: The Piltdown Horse

Almost every month now, someone claims to have deciphered the enigmatic script of the Indus Civilisation, the last undeciphered script of any major ancient civilisation. Dozens of scholars have tried in vain to get a grip on it. This does not really surprise, for neither the value of individual signs nor the underlying language(s) are known. To be able to read the more than 4,200 Indus seals and inscriptions would provide major and probably surprising insights into the oldest history of India.

The most recent attempt at decipherment by .S. Rajaram and . Jha in their book The Deciphered Indus Script has just been exposed in Frontline and a discussion has been initiated in The Pioneer. This ‘decipherment’ is but a collection of wild guesses, based on an incredibly flexible Indus "alphabet" and compounded and bolstered by actual fraud, Rajaram’s "Piltdown" horse. One Indus seal (Mackay 1937-8, no. 453) is supposed to read, in late Vedic Sanskrit: "Arko haas’va, Sun indeed like the horse [sic]," a reference to the...



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