12 May, 2021

A Broadsheet And Its Broadside

An interesting chronicle that reads in part like a diary and not a narrative of the sweep of history it witnessed

A Broadsheet And Its Broadside

The Tribune is one of the few genuine newspaper trusts in the country, with no axe to grind by dint of ownership, community or ideology. Its founder, Sardar Dayal Singh Majithia, set out the credo in the paper’s first issue, published from Lahore as a weekly on February 2, 1881. It was to strive to serve the downtrodden and oppressed to build a modern, democratic, secular, egalitarian nation. Its trustees and successive editors have by and large fulfilled that mandate.

Like its readers across the old Punjab, The Tribune suffered the trauma of Partition, and had to seek refuge in India—first in Simla, then Ambala and finally in Chandigarh. While driven by liberal, nationalist tendencies of the time, a rival view has it that Dayal Singh was concerned about the growing influence of those wishing to promote Oriental learning. He preferred to go with the new Punjabi elite who demanded an expansion of modernist English education, free of sectarian and caste influences.

The Tribune pleaded for a...

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