07 May, 2021

A British Initiative Aims To Promote Innovative Apps From East India

One of Britain’s most pres­tigious tech awards, which resulted in forty companies being taken to the UK so far, the ‘TECH Rocketship Awards 2018 and 2019’, is open to Indian tech startups.

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Umesh Agarwal, the man behind Jolly App
Photograph by Sandipan Chatterjee
A British Initiative Aims To Promote Innovative Apps From East India

It was a blisteringly hot day in Calcutta; 36-year-old IT professional Umesh Agarwal, who had been out in the sun, just couldn’t wait to get home and turn on the air-conditioner. Except, “When I switched on the remote, it just emitted an eerie noise and conked off.” What followed was an exasperating conversation with the customer service personnel on the AC company’s helpline. “They were asking for detailed information—the machine’s year of purchase, the date the warranty expires, the model num­ber and other questions I could not readily answer,” he says. “I had forgotten where or whether I had stored the user manual and I thought, ‘How many people have the time or patience to dig through junk mail and recover the kind of crucial information they were asking for?’ My answer was, ‘Almost no one.’”

That’s when a brainwave struck. Agarwal decided to create an app that would digitally store not only information about consumers’ household appliances, electronic gadgets and...

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