28 February, 2021

A Breather Before A Hole?

The BJP kicked up a storm over Robert Vadra’s land deals. It seems now they are just letting him be.

Rajwant Rawat/Outlook Archive
A Breather Before A Hole?

Matter For A Probe

  • Vasundhararaje: The Rajasthan CM ordered a probe after outrage over Vadra’s deals. Probe remains stillborn.
  • BJP: Party leadership made big election issue out of Vadra’s land deals, raising it in all states except Haryana
  • Bhupinder Hooda: Haryana CM has escaped unscathed from the Vadra-Gandhi episode being raked up by BJP.
  • Congress: Gentle murmurs about Vasundhararaje’s old confidant Lalit Modi’s land deals in Rajasthan and ‘Snoopgate’ keeping the BJP in check


Throughout a choleric election campaign, Narendra Modi repeatedly accused Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul of running a ‘maa bete ki sarkar’, while Robert Vadra was projected as its biggest beneficiary. Late in April, the BJP even released Damaad Shri, a poorly produced video accusing Haryana and Rajasthan’s Congress governments of helping Vadra...

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