04 August, 2021

A Blind Sage's Vision: A Varsity For The Disabled At Chitrakoot

The acharya lost his eyesight in infancy, but had a keen sense for the oral rhythms epics. He aims to shape his varsity round this kernel.

A Blind Sage's Vision: A Varsity For The Disabled At Chitrakoot
BLINDNESS has given him a unique vision. And hurdles in his own education have made Padmabhushan awardee Jagadguru Ramanandacharya determined to improve things for others. And so, he's on his way to establishing a unique university for the handicapped in Chitrakoot, close to his hermitage.

Those hurdles in Giridhar Mishra's education have long been overcome. Today, the acharya is master of six languages and is an authority on several religious epics. The Tulsipeeth ashram, which he established in 1987 and which today houses 200-odd handicapped students, is an oasis of serenity and discipline.

The acharya lost his visual faculty at the tender age of two mon-ths, but developed a keen sense of hearing. People around him are still amazed at how the hermit never forgets what he once hears. It's this experience that the sage wants to experiment with in the Chitrakoot Handicapped University (CHU), which will be the only such institution in the world, with refreshing innovations. "In this university the blind will have to take oral examinations," insists the...

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