27 February, 2021

A Bit Of Satan Everywhere

America isn't perfect when it comes to its human rights record, reveals an Amnesty report

A Bit Of Satan Everywhere

THE land of the free and the home of the brave. For the most part, America lives up to that image—of an open society with a press that's the freest in the world; a political system that encourages dissent and opposition; a solid democracy with a system of checks and balances that's the envy of everyone. But that image takes a beating in a scathing 151-page report titled, United States of America: Rights for All, that is the centrepiece of a year-long campaign that the London-based Amnesty International has launched to address human rights violations in the US.

Last year, when New York City police allegedly beat Haitian immigrant Abner Louima and sodomised him with a toilet plunger, human rights groups and the press condemned it as an act of 'torture'. But because it took place in the US, the officers involved were charged not with torture but with first-degree assault, aggravated sexual abuse and federal rights violations. However, the same conduct, when engaged in by the police in other countries, is condemned by the US state department...

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