24 November, 2020

A Bit Of Galbraith And A Vision In 4-D

The PM's press advisor advocates a marriage between economic and foreign policy, but is anyone listening?

A Bit Of Galbraith And A Vision In 4-D
It’s easy to mistake Sanjaya Baru as a disciple of John Kenneth Galbraith, but prima facie he stands disqualified under Galbraith’s First Law—"Modesty is an over-rated virtue". On that later.

In this stimulating collection of 63 essays and columns written between 1994 and 2004, Baru unravels the complex linkages between India’s economic, foreign and strategic policies. He convincingly argues in favour of India’s ambition for a higher rate of growth to meet the 4-D challenge of Development, Defence, Diplomacy and the Diaspora (although I’m ambivalent on Diaspora being in the same league as the other Ds). Baru reasons that over time higher growth rates of the economy will not only reduce poverty, illiteracy and backwardness, but also be a springboard to enhance India’s military and strategic capabilities.

Baru is persuasive in recommending that India must expand its bilateral relationships (through a Look East and Look West policy), while meeting the challenges of globalisation, and vigorously participating in emerging regional, economic and security...



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