24 July, 2021

A Bihar Mirror, For An Indian Reflection

Not caste, pro-development youth will be a factor in the Bihar vote

A Bihar Mirror, For An Indian Reflection

The media is in the grip of the unfolding drama in Bihar. Rarely has the electronic and print media been so exercised about the outcome of what after all is a state election, no doubt in one of our largest ones. It is an infirmity in the functioning of our parliamentary system that state elections increasingly detract the central government from national governance issues. A generic rectification needs wider consensus and synchronisation of election cycles. I say this because hardly will the Bihar elections be over than the exercise begins in five states—West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Assam, Kerala and Pondicherry—in March/April.

But why is Bihar so special?

  1. Its conjunction and configuration. Coming as it does after the setback for the BJP in Delhi, people view it as yet another episode in assessing the persistence of Modi’s appeal in rural India. If, as opinion polls suggest, the NDA does well in Bihar, it will be a decisive reaffirmation of Modi’s leadership, his style of governance and support for the...

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