13 May, 2021

A Bigger Yourself

Stars need not be actors. Actors play other people. Stars play themselves.

A Bigger Yourself
Consider this. The best thing you can say about a star is that he is 'normal'. Or he is 'just like you or me'. That he does not have starry airs. Thus the assumption made about stars is that they are abnormal, that they are unlike you or me, that they are therefore entitled to have starry airs. (And although I will use the male pronoun here, it is meant to apply to female stars as well.)

Of course, at a certain level, the star is a different breed of person. It isn't that he is better looking, though he generally is. The central difference is that he has been able to break through the lens, transcend the celluloid, and speak to each individual in the audience. A star stares straight into your heart. When she smiles, she smiles for you. When he throws a punch, he aims it at the villain of your choice. This is the difference between even the great actors and the stars. You do not want to be the actor; he only opens a door into someone else's world and shows you how they live and behave and talk and think. You want to be the star; he shows you...

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