18 May, 2021

A Beautiful Mind

The achievement is incredible but the effort exhausts you in the end.

A Beautiful Mind
Starring: Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Paul Bettany, Ed Harris
Director: Ron Howard
Rating: ***

The achievement is incredible—mathematician John Nash's life in schizophrenic fast-forward, told through Crowe's liquid eyes. But the effort exhausts you in the end. The story in the beginning is all about Nash's meteoric rise to fame as a theoretician—he makes it to the cover of the Forbes magazine and gets the mit professorship after a brilliant opening at the Princeton University. It then takes a detour into Nash's delusions, which lead to his eventual dismissal. The third part deals with the man's will to fight his way through without the aid of medication. Had he stuck through evolving a different cinematic style for all three phases, director Ron Howard might have scored a masterpiece. He, however, remains obsessed primarily with the delusions. In one of the first sequences of the film, a 360-degree steady-cam shot of Nash shows him...

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