20 October, 2020

A Bazaar In Paradise

Mauritius makes for a heady mix of business and pleasure

A Bazaar In Paradise

THE blurb on the Air Mauritius inflight screen has a quote attributed to Mark Twain. It reads: "God saw Mauritius first. And then designed paradise."

Hyperbole, I tell myself. Good sales pitch, but hyperbole all the same. It is my first visit to this tiny island, 70 km long and 30 km wide, placed off the eastern coast of Africa at a latitude that approximates Australia’s. By the second day Twain’s words ring in my mind. Maybe they are true.

The sea within the lagoon created by the coral reef that almost magically rings the island, making the enclosed waters calm enough to be swimming pool-like, is of a shade of blue that I have never set eyes on before. It is a blue that is ethereal and lustrous, a blue that is unlike the blue of the sky above, as if the One up there had with care chosen a shade that had to be inimitable, had to be difficult to describe. And the sands that run to the sea have a pearl-like whiteness about them, as if put there to set off the blueness of the waters for all to see and gasp at. The sands are soft, powdery, almost without...



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