19 January, 2021

A Babe In The Bollywoods

A mushy start, an incomplete triangle. All we have is a juicy, wide-eyed romp through filmdom's leftovers.

A Babe In The Bollywoods
This book begins badly. Jessica Hines first met Amitabh Bachchan in a hotel room in London 11 years ago and got totally smitten. Her account of that meeting is gushing and way over the top. It reads like something a schoolgirl would put down in her diary after her first date. Both the author and her editor should be ashamed of themselves. But the reader should persevere. Once you get past the first 20 pages or so, the book is a delight; a racy, irreverent look at Bollywood.

Looking for...the Big B was conceived as a biography. Yash Chopra had found his Boswell in Dr Rachel Dwyer, a lecturer at London University, who flaunted her doctorate and gained access to all nooks and corners of Bollywood. Bachchan wanted an academic of his own to follow him around, a foreigner, preferably female. As Hines says disarmingly, having a biographer "was almost a better indication of social standing than the number of machine-gun-toting bodyguards you had cluttering up your driveway". She had been a student of Dwyer and was the perfect choice for...



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